Faculty of Management and Engineering

About the faculty

In 2006 the Faculty began training in the area of management and production engineering. This area of studies allows students to gain knowledge in the field of production engineering, economic sciences and management. Students may develop managerial and problem solving skills within the range of production engineering, including, among others, the supervision of new and existing processes and production systems, exploitation systems, monitoring of objects and management systems, selection and training of personnel, cost management, finance and capital, technology transfer and innovation.

The graduates are prepared to work in small, medium and large companies involved in production engineering, design and advisory bodies dealing with production engineering, as well as economic and administrative units, which require technical knowledge, economic and information technology and organizational skills. The graduates are also equipped to manage their own economic activity.
Department co-works with high-performing companies in the region, making it possible for our students to apply theory into practice, which increases their job prospects in the labour market.

A message from the Dean

"The existence of the Faculty has answered to the regional opportunity to maintain academic traditions and the so-called Joint Social Economy; according to Neues Marienburger Heimatbuch academic traditions of the city date back to 1935. The interdisciplinary nature of studies combines current knowledge with a universal preparation for professions in engineering. The scope of educational and research activities of the Faculty focuses on free market economy and business development in the economic, socio-cultural as well as technical and technological aspects.
Excellent professional staff, and the atmospheric monumental campus which houses the Faculty, create the atmosphere that students appreciate most."

Quality teaching

Bearing in mind the growing requirements towards graduates in the labor market, the Faculty is constantly monitoring and reviewing their teaching standards. The opportunity to confirm the results at each stage of education is enabled by a system of evaluation and examination, a system verifying effects of occupational internship or check system in the process of obtaining the final diploma.
The share of internal and external stakeholders in the process of identification and verification of the intended learning outcomes, allows for continuous improvement of the educational program. It also ensures public access to the description of learning outcomes, systems of assessment and verification, which in turn, make the Department modern, professional and friendly.

Faculty of Management and Engineering in Malbork

ul. Sikorskiego 45

82- 200 Malbork


tel 004855 2725 627

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WSG University
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Phone number: 52 567 00 00
E-mail: dsm@byd.pl


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