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Spanish Day


Those who decided to join us at the University of Economy on Thursday’s afternoon, enjoyed the little voyage across Iberian Peninsula. From the moment they stepped through the door, they felt like in a different world. This event gathered people of different age and experience. Among us were those who have already visited Spain and those who never got to travel abroad. All of them though shared the passion to expand their knowledge about other countries and culture that’s way they decided to take part in the Spanish Day organized by Regional Centre for International Debate.

Our University gets academic recognition in Turkey


Good news came to us from Turkish Embassy! From now on University of Economy is recognized by the Council of The Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey. It means that the diplomas students from Turkey gain at our University, are fully accepted by Turkish institutions. When students earn bachelor’s or master’s degree at University of Economy they can continue their studies in Turkey or undertake work. We believe that this decision will strengthen the cooperation with the partner institutions and will encourage students from Turkey to study at University of Economy.

MBA Day at University of Economy


On 10th October 2014, MBA Day was held at University of Economy. The event was connected with signing the MBA cooperation agreement between University of Economy and Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands) which took place on the previous day.

UoE signs the MBA cooperation agreement with MSM!


On 9th October 2014, Krzysztof Sikora, President of University of Economy and Prof. Wim A. Naudé, Ph.D. - Dean Director from Maastricht School of Management signed the MBA official cooperation agreement. In so doing, MBA studies are officially launched at the university.

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