International Business

The aim of education is to equip students with practical knowledge of economics and finance, enabling to make accurate management decisions, as well as competence to act effectively in both national companies and international corporations. 

Specialization provides a combination of comprehensive macroeconomic and microeconomic knowledge, including significant language competence, particularly in the English language. In addition to the necessary universal foundations of economics, organization and management, finance and banking, economic policy, the student will also know in detail systems and economic theories, mathematical and econometric tools used in economics and accounting rules. Elements of management, business negotiation and public relations will be extended. In addition, the knowledge of functioning, organization and structures of the European integration, in particular the European Union and its economic competence will be transferred. 

The program specialization can be implemented in two ways: basic subjects in Polish and specialization in English or all subjects in English. Teaching in English is dedicated to develop specialized linguistic skills, particularly in terms of business language. Learning is facilitated by contact with native speakers and interaction with students from abroad during study tours and international workshops. A significant number of projects and examples in the English language scheduled for specialty guarantees students the ability to use the language fluently, in particular economic vocabulary. As a second language students can choose classes in the following languages: German, French, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or sign language.

Fast facts:

Level of study: Bachelor
Study field: Economics
Mode of study: Full-time
Year of study: 3 years
Scope of the programme: 180 ECTS credits
Language of Instruction: English
Place of delivery: Bydgoszcz (Poland)




University of Economy
Garbary 2
85-229 Bydgoszcz
Phone number: 52 567 00 48


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