International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Within the area of International Tourism have a strong focus on transfer of knowledge and practical skills, which will affect the preparation of graduates for the needs of the tourism industry labour market. Knowledge, profiled interdisciplinary (eg. of an economic nature - economy, organization and management; of a humanistic nature - psychology, sociology), will enable graduates to develop views on the operations of the tourism industry, including various types of tourist services providers. It will also allow the acquisition of high professional competencies in organizing entities’ activities in order to meet the needs of tourists in the tourist environment. The task of education in the proposed area is to provide comprehensive knowledge of i.e.: tourist traffic organization and services (including culture of service and ethics of the profession), operations of travel agencies, laws in tourism industry, accommodation facilities, catering establishments, transport, tour guiding as well as travel insurance, tourist services and tourist events planning. The program will be implemented in correlation with extra modules that expand skills and competencies (eg. IT services in tourism, economics and law in tourism).

The basic premise of the study program is to move away from the theoretical education and to put a clear emphasis on expertise which comprehensively prepares graduates for employment in broad tourism services sector. In addition, an important aspect of education is to acquire or to improve communication skills in foreign languages ​​with particular focus on the area of ​​industry and the development of a culture of service and professional ethics. Such an approach means to equip a graduate with a range of skills and competencies to be easily tailored to the requirements of the labor market and the expectations of employers in the tourism industry.

Fast facts:

Level of study: Bachelor
Study field: Tourism and Recreation
Mode of study: Full-time
Year of study: 3 years
Scope of the programme: 180 ECTS credits
Language of Instruction: English
Place of delivery: Bydgoszcz (Poland)



University of Economy
Garbary 2
85-229 Bydgoszcz
Phone number: 52 567 00 48


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