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We announce with great satisfaction that the Ministry of the Interior and Administration has confirm a positive decision regarding the approval of our University - as one of the two in Kuyavian-Pomeranian - for all four legal activities related to the education of foreigners, i.e. studies, internships, volunteering and research.

The decision is the culmination of multi-threaded activities undertaken since March this year and is the result of very good cooperation and involvement of many departments.

At the same time, due to emerging information about the students and recruitment partners concerns about the situation we would like to inform that being on the Ministry of Interior and Administration list confirms the situation we were sure from the beginning and communicated from the beginning. If any of the students will still face problems resulting from the amendment to the Foreigners Act, we will be happy to help and explain Doubts and concerns regarding this situation was related to the transitional period of implementation of the Act, which the government administration institutions had to undergo.

We are one of 60 universities in the whole country, which in the current legal status has the right to conduct studies, and when it comes to volunteering one of two entities in our Kuyavian-Pomeranian district. 



University of Economy
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