International Business (MA)

The purpose of studying 4-semester MA programme in Economics at University of Economy is to strengthen and extend the knowledge not only with the economic backgrounds gained during undergraduate studies but also of graduates of different BA study fields.

Apart form being ready for their professional careers, Economics" graduates will  be aware of their responsibility for decision-making, especially in the field of a company"s opeations on the global market. The knowledge the graduates will gain, covers a broad scope of issues concenring management of financial, human and material resources both on the micro- and macroeconomic level but also globalization and international trade exchange. They will be also able to put analytical methods into practice in orer to make economic diagnoses and forecasts, provide counseling, and develop projects for state-owned and private organizations.

Classes are conducted by esteemed lecturers both local and from abroad, therefore students have an opportunity to learn through new, different and often very innovative teaching methods.


Fast facts

Level of study: Master
Study field: Economics
Mode of study: Full-time
Year of study: 2 years
Scope of the programme: 120 ECTS credits
Language of Instruction: English
Place of delivery: Bydgoszcz (Poland)




University of Economy
Garbary 2
85-229 Bydgoszcz
Phone number: 52 567 00 48


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