International Projects

University of Economy has been coordinating and taking part in a couple of international projects for many years. These are projects ralized in framework of different European and non-European programmes.

Some of the international projects realized at the unieversity:

Manager Coordinating Brownfield Redevelopment Activities (COBRAMAN)

Programme: Central Europe
17 partners from 7 countries
Budget: 2 542 800 EUR

Education and and Awareness-raising the key to understand EU enlargement process

Programme: PRINCE2010
14 associated institutions from 11 countries
Budget: 199 499 EUR

Innovative Laboratory for Cooperation of Science and Business inLAB

Programme: European Social Fund - Opeartional Programme Human Capital
4 partners from 4 countries
Budget: 392 000 EUR

Revitalization of postindustrial building and industrial tourism good practices in V4

Programme: Visegrad Fund
4 partners from 4 countries
Budget: 8 400 EUR

Economic Educational Territorial Structure (ET-struct)

Programme: Central Europe
9 partners from 5 countries
Budget: 3 624 696 EUR

International Approaches to Entrepreneurship

Programme: LLP-Erasmus Intensive Programme
11 partners from 6 countries
Budget: 40 849 EUR

 Programming Mobile Applications for Android System

Programme: LLP-Erasmus Intensive Programme
6 partners from 6 countries
Budget: 27 290 EUR



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