The European Solidarity Coprs Quality Label


We are pleased to announce that on August 17, 2021, The University of Economy in Bydgoszcz has been awarded the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label in the field of volunteering for the following statuses: host, supporting, and lead organization.

The Quality Label remains valid until the end of 2027. Hooray!

The profile of the organization will be published on the European Youth Portal under the number OID: E10024893, at European Youth Portal.

Here is Wyzsza Szkola Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy: | European Youth Portal (


The European Solidarity Corps Quality Label certifies that an organization participating in the European Solidarity Corps is able to ensure the necessary framework conditions for young people to take part in solidarity activities in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps and further requirements to ensure quality.

It gives us access to the European Solidarity Corps funding opportunities and a pool of motivated young people as well as broadens our scope of activity and proves that WSG University demonstrates knowledge of the principles and requirements of the program. 

At the same time, we would like to provide an expert's comment below:

"WSG demonstrates knowledge of the principles and requirements of the program. It has a well-trained staff and a well-equipped campus. Provides sensible solutions in terms of the organization of practical aspects, recruitment, the learning process, and personnel support. The university offers various activities in several places: Nursery and Kindergarten, Daily Elderly Club (seniors) and University of the Third Age, Academic Cultural Space and the Museum of Photography, the International Affairs Office, Europe Direct. It is a wide range of opportunities for volunteers to acquire various competencies, especially those important in the labor market. The university is able to provide support to people with fewer opportunities. There is an emergency response plan and benefits to be completed for each group involved in EKS projects. 

The entire selection process, volunteer preparation, assistance during the stay, and further steps after arrival are carried out very well. The organization provides all the necessary training, maintains constant contact with volunteers, monitors the course of activities, supports them after returning with their resources, e.g. through the Career Office". 

We are proud of our hard work and say thank you to all our International Affairs Office team! We have done a great job ever! Keep up the good work and continue to move forward improving our both soft and hard skills! 

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