Kwibuka means "to remember"

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. The celebration, called "Kwibuka," is an annual period of reflection and remembrance of the tragic events that shook the country and its society in 1994.

Exhibition of urban projects within the framework of the international project SAFE

Throughout the concluding week, a group of project participants – WSG students and partner universities from Finland, Spain, Germany and Slovenia – worked on their original ideas for alternative urban development of five selected locations within Downtown, Okola and Old Town. 

Greetings from the Southern Africa

We have just returned from an amazing trip to Zambia! During our stay, we met with the Ministry of Education, the Secretaries of the First Lady in the Presidential Palace and with the strategic partner – Eden University.

About us

Our University is  the largest private institution of higher education in Northern Poland. We offer studies at the main campus in Bydgoszcz, as well as in our campuses in Toruń, Inowrocław, Malbork, Elk, Słupsk, Piła, Chojnice, Działdowo and Zgorzelec. Well-equipped classrooms are only one of the opportunities the University of Economy offers. Besides educational programs and opportunities, we also are active in regional development activities for the benefits of local societies. We encourage our  academic staff and students to have an active role in the surrounding world.

The WSG Univeristy offers students different fields to study. At our Bydgoszcz Main Campus are the Academic Cultural Area and the Museum of Photography. These institutions provide the opportunities to develop skills and begin an the artistic  life. Through our Rewital Fitness and Nutrition Centre we actively promote  healthy lifestyles. First rate professional medical treatment is provided by the Academic Medical Centre.

Here, at the WSG University you can create your own future!


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