Our history

University of Economy is a non-state institution of higher  education. Its foundation was preceded by a ten-year experience gained from providing post-secondary education aimed at qualifying staff for free market economy, in particular for tourism sector as well as for the use of modern IT technologies in company management. The education profile was embedded in the University’s name – Pomeranian University of Tourism and Hotel Management. It is still reflected in the character of the University and its current name – The University of Economy.

University of Economy is the name officially used since January 2005. Earlier the University was known as Pomeranian University of Tourism and Hotel Management. The University was founded by KOLFER Company – one of the first private institutions in the region that was professionally engaged in national and international tourism. Once the innovative management and IT technologies proved to be effective in KOLFER, the company commenced training courses in the following areas: tourism, hotel industry, IT, economy and foreign languages. In 1995 Complex of Vocational Colleges was founded with the same rights as state schools educating and giving qualifications necessary to work in the following sectors: tourism, hotel industry, IT business and public administration.

The birth of the non-state University

In 1999 a non-state University was founded with one field of study and onespeciality. The inauguration ceremony opening the first academic year was attended by several hundreds of students. Year by year, the number of fields of study and specialities was growing, so was the number of renown and highly regarded lecturers. In the meantime, regional centres have been created in such cities as Malbork, Inowrocław, Toruń, Słupsk and Ełk. The University infrastructure and campus have been developed. In 2004. The University obtained the right to award Master degrees.

University of Economy, currently the largest non-state institution of higher education in northern Poland, was established on the basis of the Ministry of National Education decision dated 17 March 1999 and has the same rights as state higher education institutions. 

In 2019, University of Economy celebrated its 30th anniversary.Currently, the University provides education to approximately 20 thousand students from all over the country and abroad in 20 fields of study and over 50 specialties.



WSG University
Garbary 2
85-229 Bydgoszcz
Phone number: 52 567 00 00
E-mail: dsm@byd.pl


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