Bachelor degree studies

International Business (BA studies)
Duration: 3 years
Tuition: 2760 EUR/Year


Ongoing processes of globalization and regionalization determine the changes in the conditions of competition on international markets. These processes cause the constant evolution of the market environment. In order to adapt to ongoing changes skillfully, company must make decisions according to the strategy in foreign markets. It requires the employment of highly qualified staff having knowledge and practical skills.     



International Tourism and Hospitality Management (BA studies)
Duration: 3 years
Tuition: 2520 EUR/Year


Tourism as part of a modern global market and related with it specialized services offered to tourists in tourist destinations has become an economic phenomenon of the twenty-first century. Developing tourist services characterised by constant dynamics respond to the ever-changing needs and expectations of millions of tourists which in turn generates a constant need for a properly educated creative staff.                   




Computer Engineering and Mechatronics (B. Eng. studies)
Duration: 3,5 years
Tuition: 3360 EUR/Year 


The purpose of education in the area of ​​"Computer Engineering and Mechatronics" is to prepare engineering staff well-equipped with the competencies necessary to exist and function on the contemporary international labor market, having extensive knowledge in the field of design, production and operation of mechanical devices and automation used in industry.                                                 



Nursing (BA studies)
Duration: 3 years 
Tuition: 4020 EUR/Year


The study aims are to equip students with broad and comprehensive knowledge and skills as well as professional preparation for employment in all supported nurses.                                                                                      



Applied Medical Science (BA studies)
Duration: 3 years Tuition: 4020 EUR/Year


AMS it's three-year undergraduate studies, which enable preparation for continuing medical professional (education, rescue, physiotherapy, dietetics, medicine, dentistry), as well as methodological preparation for conducting scientific research in the field of health and medicine. 



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