Kwibuka means "to remember"


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. The celebration, called "Kwibuka," is an annual period of reflection and remembrance of the tragic events that shook the country and its society in 1994.

During the 100 days of commemoration, Rwandans are organizing a variety of events such as marches, festivals, panel discussions, prayer meetings and meetings with survivors to remember the victims and to educate and strengthen the social spirit.

While the anniversary is a reminder of the tragic events, it also offers a glimpse of the healing power of peace and humanity that defies the destructive force of hatred.

The thought „I am because you are; you are because I am”  is behind the phrase „Umubuntu” , a well-known slogan from the Kinyarwanda language. It's a reminder that every action has an impact on others, and that only through mutual support and cooperation can we overcome difficulties and build a better tomorrow. On the occasion of Kwibuk's 30th anniversary, we would like to thank all our Rwandan friends – students, partners and colleagues – for the contributions they make to our academic community.

May this day serve as a reminder to build a future that rejects hatred and promotes understanding among all people.



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